XII International Scientific Conference

Transport Technologies in the 21st Century:

Actual Problems of Decarbonization of Transport and Power Engineering



Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU)


Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in international conference

Actual Problems of Decarbonization of Transport and Power Engineering: Ways of Their Innovative Solution

Global climate change worries the whole world. In this difficult time, science should be more effective than ever and give timely answers to all pressing problems of our time. The negative contribution of land, water and air transport to environmental pollution is enormous. However, the powerful scientific potential of the modern transport industry is capable of changing the situation for the better. It is impossible to consider the solution of this problem within one country. Organizing this conference, we have united scientists from transport universities in Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, China. The purpose of this conference is to combine the efforts of scientists from different countries, representatives of government institutions and management of the transport industry to develop common strategies to reduce the load on the environment without reducing the traffic intensity of all modes of transport.

Organizing committee